Saturday, 24 November 2007

Normal service will soon resume...

Sunbathing iguana
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A Simple Man

I'm just fiddling with a few bits to make my blogging life a tad easier for me.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not the most regular blogger due to the fiddly nature of this blogging site I'm on. Hopefully, by posting entries this way, I'll be able to comment on more nothingness a bit more frequently.


Jag said...

So what are you doin now that makes it more convenient? Are you using an email interface?

A Simple Man said...

Oh, please! Now you're just mocking me! You should know how un-technological I am by now!

Typing on Blogger is fiddly as it always takes four or five attempts to get the writing the right size, aligned in the correct way, photos hyperlinked accurately, resized accordingly etc...

I found (I say 'found', most people would have seen it straight away!) a little tool on Flickr that just lets me blog my photo through Flickr, without having to worry about using Blogger at all. I write my thoughts through Flickr, hit the button and it's here! Much easier.

I'm quite proud of being able to actually get the two sites to link up!

Email interface... LOL!