Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Christmas Party

Dinner paraphernalia
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Just what is it about this annual event that makes people act so strangely? Ah, yes, the booze.

Had ours on Friday night and, as with so many parties across the country, as the alcohol increased, so did the strange events. I must confess that I am guilty of having a few too many (£2.80 for a double vodka and coke - seriously, you'd have to be mad not to make the most of that!)

However, the morning after always produces fine stories. Amongst our tales of woe, we had someone throwing mince pies across the car park, somebody else urinating in the middle of the same car park, without a care in the world, as traffic passed alongside, me singing Take That's 'Back For Good' as a duet with the hired singer (I bow my head in shame) and somebody else being dry-humped.

Come to think of it, I'm actually quite glad I can't remember much of it. If your party is coming up, enjoy!


Jag said...

Gosh, Take That. Anyway, ours is tonight. It's a very civilised affair: partners invited you see, so no getting up to embarrassing things.

A Simple Man said...

'Civilised' and 'Christmas Party' in the same sentence surely don't work!

Although if it was the choice between that and doing another Take That number, then I think I know where I'd rather be!