Thursday, 31 July 2008

And the beat goes on...

Greenford Road disco
Originally uploaded by Route79
It's always a privilege to see others thinking of my rather mundane life. Over the last few months, I've had a couple of people say that they're enjoying reading this ramble on life. I thank you for your kind words, although I am worried for you as you really should have better things to do with your days than read this random muck.

I've had a few readers come through from my Flickr site, too. Flickr is a photo and video uploading site that enables you to (it's obvious when you think about it) share photos and short video clips with the online community (see, told you). If you haven't seen my page, why? Here it is, you lazy sods:

The video I've posted here has been filmed by the inspiration for my Flickr photoset, Route79. (He's strangely obsessed with the Route 79 bus service that runs here in North West London. Don't worry, he is normal. Ish.)

The clip is based on the fact that Route79 takes the same route as I do to work and that I have now made it my mission to look out for this random man carrying out his filming whilst on my drive in.

Here, he has chosen to video the last section of the journey I take, added The Whispers' 60s disco classic 'And The Beat Goes On', highlighted the beauty of Greenford Road (most particularly the Texaco petrol station - a must-see for any tourists in the area) and even sped up the video a tad in order to catch the road I turn into.

If anyone else wishes to pay homage, I'll happily accept cash gifts.

And to see how a real blog should be written, check out Route79 and his Flickr site:


Jag said...

Why thank you for such accolades Simple Man! :-)

Oh, and the mundanity of it all; there is great pleasure in the mundane if you look hard enough; that's my view anyway .... (maybe you're right though: maybe not too high in the normality department)

Anyway, that clip came straight out of my mobile phone, so no speeding up towards the end; I think it was just that the traffic light had changed to green and I was putting my foot down a bit - but then quickly realised that I shouldn't be driving with moby in hand so had to cut it there.

A Simple Man said...

Ah, I see! I've found myself doing the one-handed driving/videoing trick myself but am slowly learning that I'm not very good at it as tend to start veering towards the kerb rather quickly...the sacrifices that need to be made for art.